Why Can’t I Love Being a Single Mom?

Why Can’t I Love Being a Single Mom?

There is a lovely woman who’s blog posts I follow because she is on the same mission as I am to help and empower other single moms in the world. I have chatted with her online a few times and really think she is fantastic. I enjoy reading her articles and the things that she puts out because they align so much with my thoughts and mission for single moms. However, recently she posted an article on her blog that I fully disagreed with and to be honest got my back up a little bit.

Originally when I saw her post “I Love Being a Single Mom” – I thought to myself oh great I can’t wait to hear why she loves being a single mom, because I know I do… the article was not what I thought it would be at all! She starts off the article saying she hates it when people say that they love being a single mom because they are in denial.


I am in denial stating that I am happy being a single mom and that I love it? Um… I don’t think so.

Basically she states in her article that if we were truly honest with ourselves we would admit that we want to have a relationship with someone, that we aren’t really happy with our lives or we can’t possibly love our lives as a single mom because we don’t have a man.

Excuse me your honor but I object!

Today’s bonus podcast discusses why I actually DO LOVE LOVE LOVE

being a single mom and my differing opinion on this article. You can find the article written by Jessica Rector on The Single Mom Movement. Once again, I do love most of what she puts out and think she is a fantastic woman but on this particular topic, we definitely do not see eye to eye. (Doesn’t mean she’s not awesome though.)

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