Pick It Back Up

Pick It Back Up

Hey sis! How many times have you started something and after a few weeks or month, you stopped?

I am first to admit that I have been that person and I honestly hated how it made me feel. I often compared myself to others journey and wish that we were at the same place within my business, my non-profit or in life. But I want to encourage you today to pick your idea, business or goal back up.

Picking yourself back after you stopped working on your ideas is a hard thing, but it is not impossible. God has placed that idea and/or gift/talent inside of you for a specific reason. He trust you with that particular idea, because He knows that you can handle it.

In today’s episode, I talk about listening to your heart and removing the negative thoughts from you mind, when thinking about picking the idea back up. It’s important that you listen to your heart and not your mind. God speaks directly to our hearts and gives us confirmation. I am sure you are asking yourself, well where do i start?

You start slow and work your way up to full speed. For example, if you were an amazing track runner, but you haven’t ran for over a year. Just start with stretching and doing daily walks. Once your body is feeling loose, you may decide to start jogging then eventually you will be back to running miles and doing your sprints.

Another example, if you had a small business, but you stopped during the pandemic, because you couldn’t figure out how to transition and make your sales from home. Well start off with creating a free website and gradually begin to add your products onto the site. My recommendation would be to not wait until every product is added. Just start with one and promote that. Then next week add the new product. Make it fun, like have your customers thinking “Oh wow she is dropping new products every week!”. Just START!

I hope you find today’s episode helpful. It felt good speaking and recording a positive message. Be sure to follow us on IG, SHARE AND SUBSCRIBE to our podcast and be on the look out for our MOBILE APP!.

Have an amazing week and I will talk to you the in the next episode.

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