Free Weekly Planner

Free Weekly Planner

  • Doctor’s appointments,
  • dentist appointments,
  • football practice,
  • choir practice,
  • grocery shopping,
  • the dogs shots,
  • the recital next week,
  • school play,
  • parent teacher conferences
  • and on and on…

And that is all BEFORE we do or handle anything for ourselves.

With so much on our plates sometimes it can feel like the whole world is on our shoulders. Keeping track of everything seems like a mind boggling task and to be honest it was something that made my brain just hurt. I was going in so many different directions I was forgetting things, overlooking things that were REALLY important… so I started to look for a planner that I could use to keep track of all my stuff.

There are a lot of really fantastic planners out there but many of them only had one or two features that I liked. None of them really seemed like a good fit for me. So after a lot of searching I decided to just create my own that I could print out and use. After a lot of time moving things around and trying to figure out how to get InDesign to work the way that I wanted it to…. I decided to have help with the actual creation of the documents. I hired a guy off of Elance who did the work for me in record time. After a few revisions I finally ended up with a design that I really loved.


The planner pages have areas for your weekly appointments and things to remember as well as a section for your Daily Tasks. Those things that you should do, or want to make sure you do daily are listed at the top of the page for you to remember every day.


There is also a section for your daily goals. This is the area for you to write down those little goals that will help you get to your big goals. Are you working on paying down your credit cards? Trying to write a noel? Saving for a family trip? What are the goals that you need to accomplish in order to get those big items taken care of. It is so important every week to make progress toward those goals, even small progress is progress.


A section to jot down those items that come up during the day/week that you need to remember to do. People that you need to call. Appointments that you need to make…


On every page of the pre-filled pages is a different inspirational quote to help keep you inspired and motivated throughout the week.

This planner is something that I am giving away completely FREE! If you would like to receive this planner in both the pre-filled and blank templates (not everyone wants to print out weeks and weeks of planners at once so we offer a blank template to use at your leisure) you can get your copy filling out the form below.

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Free Weekly Planner

Doctor’s appointments, dentist appointments, football practice, choir practice, grocery shopping, the dogs shots,

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