Who had the Best Met Gala Fit?

Who had the Best Met Gala Fit?

Who had the best fits at the Met Gala?

 I will be the first to tell you that I don’t follow fashion like some people.  Give me a cute Zara shirt and jeans and I will call it fashion.  I am truly amazed at people who know how to put a good fit together by using colors, patterns, different fabrics etc.  I believe fashion is definitely art.

 This past week the Met Gala took place in NYC at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.  For those who are new to hearing about the Met Gala, let me give you a little background.  The Met Gala is a fundraising benefit that welcomes celebrities and young creatives to come dressed in their most creative, unique and stand out styled looks.  This year theme was American Independence.  The yearly themes leaves a lot of room for attendees to be as creative as they chose on their looks. 

What I love most about this event is the creativity and unique styles that are showcased. This is not your everyday fashion looks, but I know a lot of girls who get style inspirations for their upcoming dances and school proms. During the award season, you will see many different looks such has outfits, hair and nail designs, and shoes, which can give you some ideas on how you want to look for your event.

 Here are some of my favorite looks from the gala. 

I hope you liked my favorite looks! Talk to you soon!

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