MISSION: Survive Spring Break – Day 1

MISSION: Survive Spring Break – Day 1

My mission whether I choose to accept it or not is to make it through the next week with as minimal casualties as possible. I always felt that Spring break was somewhat of a preview of how our summer vacation was going to go. If my kids and I can make it through Spring break without a massive implosion, then it was a pretty good indicator that our summer would be a smoother ride as well. However, if we couldn’t make it through a week without some major arguments, a couple of groundings or someone ending up in the ER then all signs point to our summer being an all-out slug fest.

I realize that it isn’t always like this for other families but hey we never wanted to be like everyone else. Our family dynamic is, well – dynamic. Having special needs children who are stuck with each other day in and day out with no separation or relief from one another tends to bring out the little demons within. Now before you go all self-righteous on me about saying my children have little demons within, understand that 1) it’s just an expression and 2) you don’t know my children.

I’m sure that your kids are the picture of perfection and would never DREAM of throwing the remote at their sibling’s head because they won’t stop nagging them about getting their turn on the television. I’m sure that your little angels have NEVER colored all over their brother’s face while he was sleeping (only for mom to find out later that it was with a Sharpie). And I’m sure that your children don’t EVER overreact when their little sister comes into their room without knocking for the 8th time that day sending them into an absolute rage.

And you know what, you’re lucky. I’m sure your little angels have all their activities planned out for them. Or you have some fabulous trip in store for your week off of school and work. But for me spring break brings the knowledge that at some point any of those previously mentioned scenarios could very likely become a reality (and have in the past). And while some families are wondering if they will go to the beach or the indoor pool today, I’m just praying that I won’t have to break out my first aid kit.

Now don’t get the wrong impression, my children aren’t raging monsters (even though I said that they have little demons within) they are just kids. Two teenage boys with brain injuries that cause problems for them when it comes to anger management and impulse control. Now stop and take that in for a moment. And think about what you know to be true about teenage boys – they ALREADY have impulse control issues and anger management issues at times due to raging hormones right? So add to that brain injuries that take away what little control they had to begin with over these things and you have somewhat of a powder keg situation in my house more often than not.

Throw in a dash of know it all little sister and BOOM!

Then add in that little sister who is at times more advanced than one of her brothers, knows more than he does in some areas AND has a pretty big personality. An 8-year-old who has very strong opinions and never wants to admit she is wrong – I can’t imagine where she got that from… There are many times where I have to physically separate her from her brother because neither will back down from a fight. Thankfully they haven’t crossed over to any physical fights yet, but I wouldn’t put it past her sometime soon – she’s pretty scrappy.

So when I say that my mission is to make it through this week with as minimal casualties as possible, I’m not joking. If I make it out with my sanity mostly intact and all three kids still with all their original parts, then I call that a success.

Thankfully today my daughter’s BFF is here and is keeping her busy with make overs, giggle fests and general crazy little girl things. The teenagers are in their separate rooms doing whatever moody teenage boys do (I try not to think too much about that). And I am attempting to actually get some work done.

So far so good… but it IS only 11:30am – we still have a long way to go.

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