Make Positivity Louder

Make Positivity Louder

With Thanksgiving and the madness of Black Friday and Cyber Monday in our midst things have been chaotic. I have not had time to post anything really lately. Hell, I recorded this weeks podcast over 2 weeks ago.

So with all of the madness still pretty fresh I am going to make this post pretty short. If you haven’t done so already take a peep at the fabulous Gary Vaynerchuck’s video on making positivity louder.

This is something that I have been struggling with lately. Positivity has been pretty damn hard to come by these last few weeks, especially after that damn election. We are all still reeling from it and let’s face it, this one brought out some of the worst in all of us. And it brought out the worst in our nation.

I now that I found myself being absolutely the worst version of myself on quite a few occasions. Only to find that later I felt just – BLAH inside. No matter whether I felt I was right or justified in what I said or how I felt – the way I behaved was another story entirely.

I had become overwhelmed by all of the dark and all of the negative. It was all consuming. And I had to stop and wonder why that was, why did it feel like there was more bad than good? Then I watched that video and it became really damn clear. The dark has become louder. The dark and negative has become more easily spread.

With social media it is now easier to get false information to spread like wild fire. It is easier for people to be ugly to another person because they can hide behind a keyboard and a monitor. There are no REAL repercussions for what they say online or what lies they spread or darkness they contribute to.

The darkness and negativity is growing stronger and stronger – like The Nothing in the Never Ending Story. We are getting sucked into it like that horse Artex did into the swamp – because we are allowing it to consume us.

So instead of letting the dark take over I decided that I needed to try harder to focus on the positive. Now don’t get me wrong – still not ok with this whole Trump as President thing. BUT – I have decided that I am not going to allow it to suck me down to that level.

I am going to work every day to make positivity louder and to encourage that in my children as well. It isn’t always easy, the dark side is strong (little Star Wars geek out there for ya) BUT I know that with practice and continued vigilance I can do my part to keep the dark at bay. At least for myself and my family.

Here’s a nice little article I found that talks about doing something nice every day – simple things that can help change your disposition and maybe brighten someone else’s day as well!

Go make positivity louder!

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