It’s not them..It’s You!

It’s not them..It’s You!

Hey guys! In today’s podcast, I talk about how to stop blaming others for what you don’t have in life. Many of us blame our community, parents, school, and friends for not giving us the things we desire. But it’s important for you to start taking ownership for what you lack.

If you want to own a lot of sneakers, but your parents only buy you a pair on your birthday, holiday and back to school. It’s now on you to figure out a way to make some HONEST money in order to buy more sneakers. If you are tired of not having any money, because you spent all of your birthday money, then you need to come with a plan on how to earn some money.

It’s very easy to blame others for what. you don’t have, but now is the time for you to have a talk with yourself and begin to change your mindset on a few things. You have to understand your dreams and desires are yours and yours only. So if you want a great life for yourself, great job, nice apartments with good vibes only. Then you have to be the one to push yourself daily. No one is going to help you. Your parents and friends MAY guide you a little bit, but no one is going to show you the full blueprint.

You might think your parents are being mean if they don’t grab you by the hand and show you every move to make, but because they won’t this will honestly make you a better person. It will increase your knowledge in knowing how to solve problems, researching your answers and forcing you to become a hard worker.

Some may say, I am lazy, I don’t have the drive or motivation in me. But sis you do, you aren’t born with hard work and drive. There are words and affirmations that you have to say to yourself daily to keep you moving. I hope you enjoy the episode and just to state facts I am truly rooting for you. It’s in you to be whatever you want to be. Don’t be afraid of the work, be afraid of not doing anything.

P.S. I did something a little different with the podcast this time. You can now catch the video on our YouTube page. Click the link here!

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