How to Make Money Online as a Teen

How to Make Money Online as a Teen

In today’s blog we will talk about how to make money online as a teen.  Being the mother to a 13 year old who ask for money on a daily basis is rough.  I love her entrepreneurial spirit, but the reality is she is not old enough to work at Forever 21, Chic Fil-A, or Footlocker.   With her doing virtual school, I understand that she has more time on her hands, so I need to find something that she could do with her free time and afterschool.  I mean who wouldn’t want the extra money to place a GrubHub order or do some online shopping.  With a little bit of research I found out some ways for her to make some money online as a teen.

#1 – Online Surveys

One of the ways to make money online as a teen now is to do surveys online.  Doing surveys online is an awesome way to make some money online as a teen starting today. Here are a few steps to get started

My favorite survey site is Swagbucks.  You can literally start making money online as teen starting today.

Step 1:  Visit and set up an account.

Swagbucks allows you to refer friends, search the web, shop for cash back, surveys, and play games.  I will mention that the surveys do not pay hundreds and hundreds of dollars. They pay with SB bucks and once you have accumulated a certain number of bucks.  You can redeem them to purchase gift cards to PayPal, Amazon, and Visa.  The survey maybe 5 to 15 minutes of your time, so between your class breaks or after school would be a good way to earn some money.

#2 – Stocks
Another way to make money online as a teen is using Tik Tok. You’re probably thinking that you are not old enough to trade, that’s what adults do.  But honestly you can start trading as early as you want.  The first step in trading stocks is having money to trade with.  How many of you get money for Christmas and/or birthdays?  How many of you spend gifts on GrubHub, Chic Fil A or at the mall?  Well if you were to take a some of your money and deposit it into your bank and use that money to trade with.  I can almost guarantee that you would see a profit/increase on your stocks.  Trading stocks is extremely accessible these days.  Their are many trading platforms that easy to understand and navigate.  

Here are a few trading platforms that I am familiar with:

Before setting an account, have a talk with your parents/guardians to see if they have experience with trading stocks.  If their is no one in your family who has experience in stocks, you can go over to YouTube and find tons of videos on how to get started.  I can’t lie, learning stocks takes a lot of focus and commitment, but the money you make are so lit, that you get hooked and want to learn more.

I also found a young woman, Tiffany J, on Instagram.  She has a teen university course that was created for girls ages 15 – 19 years old.  The name of her IG page is Modern BLK Girl.  

#3 – YouTube

Another way to make money as a teen online is to create YouTube videos.  I have seen some of the most amazing teen channels.  I am so impressed with how teens have learned how to make great quality videos on YouTube just by using their Iphones.   If you’re wondering what to talk to about you can literally talk  about anything you want.  You have complete freedom to talk about how to deal with school drama online, how to deal with virtual bullying, how to keep your room clean and organized, shopping hauls or share your views on voting and racial injustice. Again, the more videos you make that are of interest to your audience the bigger your subscribers will grow.

Also on YouTube you can create vlog videos.  Vlog videos is a person posting short videos on a regular basis.  I like vlogging a little better than blogging, because I enjoy speaking and using my hands when I am explaining something.  So if you feel like writing is a “no-go” then definitely start a YouTube channel and shoot your first vlog video today.  I mean if you look at Ryan’s World the kid was 2 years old when he started out and now he’s 9 years old and he’s worth over 26 million dollars.  So don’t think it’s impossible to make the money.  You have to be consistent and love what you are talking about.  

Here are some examples of teens on YouTube who are making money online:

#4 – P.U.R.E. Moments Podcast

If you are stuck on an idea of how to make money online as a teen.  I encourage you to listen to our  P.U.R.E. Moments podcast, which is available on Apple, Spotify and Amazon . Tune in and listen to how teens around the world are making money online now.  We will be re-launching on March 1st.  Our podcast will include teens who have profitable businesses all while going to school.  The interviews will include how they got started, who supported or didn’t support their idea, how they overcome challenges, managing their time properly so that they could handle both school and work.  

We will have new weekly episodes starting in March.  Make sure you are subscribed to our P.U.R.E. Moments podcast so that you can maybe find some inspiration.  Here are the links to subscribe:

Apple Podcast:



I hope you find these resources helpful and get you working online as a teen today.  I also know you are all ready to make your own money, so that you can feel as if you have a little control over your life.  But take your time and truly think about what you enjoy doing and whatever that may be, I encourage you to think of a way to make money from it.  It’s important to love what you do, because if you’re only doing something to make money and not love it.  Trust me you won’t be motivated to continue, after the first rejection or people aren’t responding to your business the way you think they should.  When making money online or in life period, when you truly believe and love what your doing.  No matter the rejections or lack of mention of, you will continue with your business.

Thanks for reading and I will talk to you guys in our next blog post!   

2021 has arrived and I am here for all of it!  If you can’t recall what 2020 taught youI pray that you to appreciate everything and everyone that you have in life, but also the importance of securing that bag.  Now I know this term is used in several different ways, but I am referring to securing some sort of income for yourself and if your older, your family.  2020 came with a lot of losses and as we come into 2021 it’s now time to turn those losses into lessons and lessons into wins. 

In today’s blog post I will show you 5 ways to make money online.  The world isn’t opening back up anytime soon and since you are home literally all day long, why not make some money.  The top 5 ways teens to make money online is honestly things you could do from your phone, may not even a laptop. 

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