For the Troll Who Is Stalking My Blog for My Ex

For the Troll Who Is Stalking My Blog for My Ex

Hi. Nice to meet you. Not sure who you are and I honestly don’t care, I’m fairly certain you are a friend who may have even at one point been a “friend” of mine.

So here’s the deal. Stalk all you want. Report back all you want because there is nothing on my blog that I am afraid of you sharing, there is nothing on my blog that I am worried about my ex seeing. So share away. What you will see is me doing the best that I can to make it through this whole single parenting thing. And YES to my ex who decided that I am not a REAL single mom because I get child support – I AM a single mom. I am a mom and I am single. Therefore – single mom. Everything else you said was ridiculous and stupid.

And you can send the info back to him that his name isn’t in the blog but even if it was – everything here is my opinion and how I feel, not a statement of fact so it’s not slander in any way and even if I DID mention his name there’s this little thing called freedom of speech and press. I’m allowed to state opinion. No real ammunition there. But go ahead and send it on to him just in case because from this point on he shall be referred to as ‘he who shall not be named’ – simply because I thinks it’s fucking hilarious to do so!

This is a blog that I created to hopefully help other single moms. I don’t think I’m perfect and I don’t want to be – and THAT will be the subject of my next post, THANK YOU so much for the content. I do know I’m definitely better than asking someone to stalk another person’s blog. I mean really, who does that? And what kind of person says sure I’ll find her blog and send you all the posts. How old are you? I can’t imagine a grown adult with any kind of life or self respect would do that. But please by all means continue to troll my blog and pass on any info you like. Or better yet, stand up, say Hi back so I can call you a shady b***h to your face and then you can keep on trolling/stalking my page to your little hearts content. Seriously though it helps my analytics, in fact feel free to share to more people. The more hits I get the better it is for me really.

And be on the look out because I will also be putting little shout outs to you because I would hate for you to get bored with all the stupidity of trolling my pages for someone else. So I’ll keep doing what I am doing and posting what I like, I hope you and the ex find great enjoyment from the site, I know I do!

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