Don’t Make Resolutions – Get Your Intentions and Goals

Don’t Make Resolutions – Get Your Intentions and Goals

Happy 2017!!

I hope that the first few weeks of the new year have been good for you. I know that this has been a scary couple of weeks for me. As many of you reading know I am not a huge Trump fan. To be honest he scares the hell out of me and I find him kind of childish.

However, like it or not, he is the new President of the United States. That being said I decided that this would make for a good topic for this podcast. Not Trump per say BUT my ability to manage how I feel about Trump.

What does any of this have to do with New Year’s Resolutions you may ask? Well, here’s how.

I have always had an issue with making New Year’s Resolutions mainly because of the mindset around them. The fact that we are supposed to tell ourselves that the very first day of a New Year holds some secret power over us to make us do things that we did do ALL YEAR LONG last year! Like some sort of ass backwards Cinderella – the stroke of midnight is going to somehow make us magically become better at doing shit!?

Um-no. That isn’t how it works. We can tell ourselves that all we want but if we are truly being honest, the second we make that resolution we already have a part of our brain ticking down the time until we break them. The simple idea of a New Year’s Resolution brings that idea of when we are going to break it into our minds.

Be honest – when your best friend comes up and tells you “My resolution is to lose 20 pounds. I joined a gym and am going to work out every day.” You know if the back of your mind you are thinking ‘Yeah right Becky, I give it 3 weeks before you are back to hitting the jelly donuts’

It sounds awful but we all know at one point or another we have thought it, especially about ourselves. Especially when we attach New Year’s Resolution to our goals.

Resolutions are easy to break – goals are more attainable.

So instead of resolutions – set goals for yourself. Goals are quantifiable, they are tangible. They will not make you feel like if you happen to fail you suck and now you have to wait until next year to try again. Goals are things you can break down into small little milestones or victories. Things you can track.

There are tons of planners and books that you can use to help track and meet your goals. You can download our free weekly planner here. I personally am using the Conquer Your Year planner to help me reach my business goals this year.

While you are setting those goals – also set your intentions for the year. Intentions are different than goals. They are the intangible mindsets and inner voices that we set for ourselves that help us REACH our goals. They assist in creating the version of ourselves that we would like to see.

This brings us back around to Trump (see I told you it would all come together)

Because I have such strong feelings against Trump I have had to set my intention for the year to one of hope. Hope and the intent to give a chance to someone who, based on everything said and done up to this point, is the antithesis of what I believe and pursue in my life. Because he is such a distorted version of what I would like to have in the White House I have to work REALLY hard with that intention.

My other intention is to start living my life more true to my beliefs and what is truly in my heart. For so long I have adjusted because I felt that if I were to really be authentic with how I feel I would be mocked or laughed at. I felt I needed to mute myself in order to not cause waves.

I feel it in every part of my life most of the time. When I paint, I feel like – no one is going to like this so why show it to anyone. It isn’t as good as it should be. I feel like what and who I truly am is not quite right, so I must conform to something else.

I’m not unhappy – I’m just not quite ME…

Now I don’t mean this to say that I am unhappy, but I just don’t feel like I have been true to myself. There is something in me that always holds back because I don’t want to rock the boat, or cause problems, or be seen as bitchy, or flaky or whatever… and that isn’t how I want to feel.

My intentions will help me with my goals. They will support those changes that I want to make in my life. They will help bring about the change that I seek.

So what goals are you going to set for yourself? What are YOUR intentions for the New Year?

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