5 Fun and Easy Valentine’s Day Crafts

5 Fun and Easy Valentine’s Day Crafts

I found a  very cute and easy Valentine’s Day craft that is ideal for younger kids on the Martha Stewart website. Now normally I don’t cruise the Martha Stewart site, because I am a bit domestically challenged and the site is not always up my ally. BUT for crafts and ideas like these it is one of my favorite places to go. This Crayon Heart project is fun and simple and lets your little ones be creative using items you already have around the house.

Click here to be taken to the site with all the information on how to create it! My 8 year old daughter and I did this and it was so much fun for her!

Of course as always happens to me when I do actually visit a site like Martha Stewart’s I end up spiraling down into the bliss of crafts and DIY projects. While doing this I found yet another really cute Valentine’s Day craft/project.

This one is just a little bit more complex than the Crayon Hearts above but still something fun for a kid to do. These little Felt Fortune Cookies can be used for Valentine’s Day parties at school, for family members and for teachers who would like to give something special for their students.

Click here for instructions on how to make these fun little cookies!

Another quick and easy craft for you or your children to do this Valentine’s Day is one that I found on the Real Simple website for Valentine’s Day Votive Candles.

These candles are simple to make using Washi tape, ribbon and/or double sided tape. Votive candles can be picked up at your local dollar store or your local craft store for low cost. The Washi tape, ribbon and double sided tape can be purchased there as well. We used the double sided tape with red and pink glitter for some of the candles for a sparkly look! Click here for the original post in Real Simple.

Chalkboard picture frames can also be a really fun project for your kiddos during Valentine’s Day. We’ve done these before at our house but never for Valentine’s Day. They are so very easy, you can buy cheaper picture frames at the dollar store or craft store and paint them with chalkboard paint.

In this example from the Real Simple website they have red chalkboard paint which I had never really seen. They linked to this site where you can find a ton of different color chalkboard paint (which I LOVE and plan on using for future projects). However I’m sure that you can also find it other places.

Your kiddos can paint the frames and then once dry write their very own Valentine’s Day Messages.

This last one is by far my favorite as it reminds me of when I was little and we made Pet Rocks. It is a simple and easy project that kids of all ages can enjoy.

So easy to make but so much fun, I found the idea here in the Grow Creative blog. All you have to do is find a couple of decent size rocks, clean them off and then it’s time to decorate them. You can use Sharpies, paints or even washable markers depending on the rocks and which shows up best. Then you can cover them with ModPodge to seal them and also make them just a bit shiny.

These are so easy and fun and will last you for a long time. Plus they can be added to your garden when Spring rolls around to add some fun and color! The creator of the Grow Creative blog says she plans on leaving them around the neighborhood for people to brighten their day. And come on, how AWESOME is that!?!

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