10 Easy Ways to Treat Yourself This Mother’s Day!

10 Easy Ways to Treat Yourself This Mother’s Day!

Mother’s Day is upon us!

Yes, that’s right ladies the one day a year where it is all about us! The day when we get pampered and waited on hand and foot.

Yeah, that probably won’t happen. For most of us single moms, Mother’s Day is just like every other day. You will likely get some lovely home made gifts from your little ones. Those cute little poems with the hand prints on them. Or maybe even a clay sculpture of some kind.

You may even have kids old enough to bring you breakfast in bed. (Be sure to listen to the podcast to hear about the “coffee” my daughter made me a few years ago.)

However, other than those few things Mother’s Day isn’t that different for us single moms. There isn’t anyone else to take up the slack if we decide to take the day off. There isn’t anyone there to take over all of the things that we do so we can be pampered. 

We know that self-care is important but we don’t always make sure we take the time. This Mother’s Day I beg of you, please be sure to do something for yourself!

Take Care of Yourself This Mother’s Day!

In today’s Mother’s Day Podcast I talk about 10 free, inexpensive and simple ways for you to treat yourself this Mother’s Day…

  • A bubble bath, a good book and maybe a glass of wine
  • Take a nap – if you can
  • Go for a walk – soak up some sun and enjoy springtime
  • Plant some flowers
  • Have an at home spa day – make your own sugar scrubs!
  • Release your artistic side – paint, draw, color…
  • Have a dance party with the kids
  • Go to the park
  • Take a bike ride
  • Give yourself a make over

I know, I know these seem simplistic – but I go into more detail in the podcast.

Look, we all know that as single moms we don’t always have the budget to do anything BIG for Mother’s Day. And if our kids our little, they will do their best but they are broke too!

So finding little ways to feed your soul, improve your mood, brighten up your home or yard… those little things can go a long way sometimes. Lifting our spirits and making us feel good.

And that is really what is important for Mother’s Day. Not the gifts we get but the feeling the day gives us.

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