You Belong Scholarship Fund Details

You Belong Scholarship Fund Details

In support of the young women that are connected with You Belong through a coaching and/or mentoring relationship, You Belong recognizes that formal education beyond high school may be desirous and necessary. The organization is committed to making scholarship monies available in areas that might best benefit our population.


Any award must be used for certified training, licensing, and/or accredited vocational, technical, or academic institutions as approved by the You Belong Scholarship Committee.

Awards from funds may be given for the first year and every year afterwards to a maximum of four years or end of training (which ever occurs first) in accordance to the needs of the application and the discretion of the scholarship committee.

Applications must be submitted yearly during the published time frames. All application submissions will be reviewed and dispositioned by the scholarship committee.

Award Details

The type and amount of the award shall be regulated according to the amount stipulated in the annual budget or deemed feasible according to the applicants’ needs, as described in the application and allotted at the discretion of the committee, in relation to the number of applicants.

Applicants shall:

  • be in good standing with You Belong
  • participated in at least one You Belong program or activity that required engagement with a mentor or coach
  • have demonstrated sound moral judgment, exercised acceptable characteristics and principles in all her relationships at home, school, church and community as evidenced by letters of recommendations, later described herein
  • have shown loyalty to You Belong through regular participation in at least two You Belong events annually
Eligibility Requirements
  • Applicant must be in a coaching/mentoring relationship with You Belong 
  • Submit application for admission during the published open season
  • Attend a You Belong Orientation class
  • Provide proof of unconditional acceptance to the trade or academic institution
  • Have the following:High school grade point average of at least 2.50
    Transfer – cumulative grade point average of at least 2.50
    GED Recipients – minimum score of 550
  • Evidence of training hours needed for licensing (if applicable)
Application and Selection Process
  • Incoming applicants must apply for the scholarship with the timeframe indicated on the application form. Priority for awards will be based on the date application packages are completed (transcripts, letter of recommendation if applicable, acceptable standardized test score, etc.). Scholarship recipients will be issued certificates indicating their awards.
  • The scholarship committee shall make the final selection of the recipient(s). Selections shall be final and unequivocal except as deemed necessary by a majority of the scholarship committee members at a meeting so called for that purpose.
Reserve Clause
  • The scholarship committee shall consider exceptions to a individual recommended by a You Belong partner or mentee upon meeting the following: 

    • Applicant shall submit, with application, a statement prepared by her summarizing accomplishments and stating her need for financial scholarship support.
    • A letter must be presented from parents or other person(s) having knowledge of the facts, presenting, a true financial picture of the family situation and showing by factual statements of the applicant’s need of financial assistance to advance in their development. The letter must note the combined income of both parents. An evasive reply might eliminate the applicant.
    • The applicant’s educational and training history from first year of high school to date of application, evidenced on transcript attested to by the proper school authorities should be submitted simultaneously.
    • Three letters of endorsement should be received from persons not related to the applicant, excluding school personnel.

Applicants shall be notified of award within 6 weeks from the start of her vocation, trade or academic classes.