Q: What is the age range of our residents?
A: We serve mothers from 15 – 23 years of age. 

Q: Can adoption services be arranged?
A: No, we do not offer adoptions services at this time.

Q: What are the basic selection criteria?
A: Among many other things, the basic selection criteria is based on age, number of children, motivation, and need.

Q: Do you charge residents to live in your home?
A: Yes, we are developing individuals to become responsible adults.  Part of developing them for the real world includes the responsibility of understanding and satisfying financial responsibilities.  Each mom will participate in the development of a personal develop plan that will include a budget. 

Q: How long can a resident stay? 
A: A mother can stay through her 23rd birthday, provided she continues to the requirements established.

Q: What if a resident becomes pregnant while in the program? 
The mother will be given a “reasonable” amount of time to find alternate housing.  We will gladly assist when possible. 

Q: Do you accept expecting mothers? 
A: No we are not a maternity home, mothers have to have already given birth and been assigned to a YB mentor for a period of 60-90 days before any housing consideration is given. 

Q: How soon can I move into the home?
A: We are not an emergency shelter, we are committed to developing motivated young mothers who are committed to developing themselves for the benefit of themself, their children, and their future. 

Q: What are some of your service offerings?
A: We are committed to developing the whole person:  spiritual, personal, health, parenting, education, career, relationship, and financial development and social responsibilities.

Q: How are your service offerring?
A: You Belong continues to develop relationships with organizations that provide a variety of services.  We will work with these organizations to provide many of the services.  In addition to partnerships with outside organizations, we will also have a resource of volunteers that offer mentoring and professional and lay counseling.

Q: What is your organization most committed to?
A: Developing our moms through mentoring and counseling.  You Belong’s mentoring program is unique, we are intentional on developing relationships of understanding, truth, love, and guidance.  Our mentors are focused on the full development of young mothers and committed to being more than just another friend, but to also be an advocate, a coach, a motivator, a guide, a sounding board, a monitor, and a friend. Our counselors are committed to helping  young mothers identify, understand, accepts and walk in and develop their unique selves.

Q: What about your housing?
A: While we are still searching for housing support, we are   clear on the type of housing we will provide.  Residential housing that will be transformed into a home for 4-6 motivated mothers and their children.  Our goal is to provide this type of housing across the region.