Over the years with the development of several relationships with women and young adults (some long term, and some not so long term), we uncovered common cares, dreams, hopes and gaps in our journeys.  It didn’t take long before many of us came to realize that we were giving each other what we had not received in our earlier years of development – that being the space to express our honest concerns, fears, and desires and having support, guidance, accountability,

So in 2004, You Belong started its journey of developing and establishing an environment that would provide young mothers with an opportunity to grow as  women and young mothers.  With a commitment to provide relational opportunities, we set out to identify and equip young mothers through relational commitments, guidance, encouragement, resources, and unconditional love.

In approximately 2015, we realized there was a large population of young women that are not mothers, there were benefiting from the You Belong model of mentoring and coaching.  As a result You Belong Too was birthed.


WE BELIEVE personal growth requires authentic connections


… and the development of safe, honest, responsible, and mutually respectful relationships


… provides environments that allow our clients to discover and develop ways that builds their confidence, character, responsibility, and accountability.

Meet the Board

Erice Godbey.png

Erica godbey


After experiencing my own inner struggles and having someone create an environment for me to feel safe, I realized it was my calling to work with other young women to help them see their truth in whatever situation they might be encountering.

Working with young girls has been the most fulfilling experience I have encountered, to see the light inside of them emerge, or just asking questions to allow them to come to their own conclusion I have found extremely important in every women’s life.


jaci mathis


With a passion for encouraging women to be all that God created them to be, having grown to understand how important it is to be confident in who you are and to realize that we all need unconditional love, support, and encouragement.  Connecting with young mothers in ways that helps them grow holistically and uniquely is one of the many joys that I’ve found on my life’s journey. With the help of other like-minded individuals and organizations, the full vision of You Belong is becoming clearer and clearer every day.

Certifications:  Stephens Minister, Active Parenting Facilitator, ILD Leadership & Communications Coach, PMP, several workshop certifications in coaching and mentoring. 


Cassie Hill

With a background in Career counseling and mentoring young adults it has always been a passion of mine to encourage, motivate, and help young adults broaden their possibilities and opportunities. I have a love for helping others and pushing them to do their best no matter what circumstances they may be in or have encountered.


Crystal James

 For I am fearfully and wonderfully made – Psalm 139:14.  It took me over 40 years to realize that!  I was raised by my grandmother and she instilled values in me, but I can’t ever remember a single time when she hugged me or told me she loved me.  I didn’t realize until  after I had my daughter how much I needed that.  I know I overcompensated with her. I wanted her to know every day that she was loved.

Before my daughter graduated high school, I decided that I needed to be a better example for her.  I couldn’t expect her to get her college degree and I did not have mine so I enrolled in college.   I graduated Cum Laude in 2019 earning my Bachelor’s Degree and expecting to graduate with my Master’s in 2022.

In addition to my wonderful daughter, I have been blessed with an amazing husband and a  bonus daughter and son,  who I love like my own.

I have adopted my husband’s motto to aspire to inspire before I expire. My purpose in life is helping people and it fulfills me the most. Being a part of You Belong, it will give me the opportunity to help young women know that they too are fearfully and wonderfully made!